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With 7 years experience in private Fine Arts teaching, I have had the privilege of seeing many students flourish in their creative endeavors. Accomplishing artistic goals builds self-esteem, encouraging students to continue to grow and succeed in many different areas. It has been rewarding to see my students create new avenues of success and nourish their ability to express themselves creatively.


​As a tutor, my job is to provide comprehensive coaching and guidance in a way that is adaptive to my student’s learning style. I recognize that every student has different needs, goals and talents and it is my desire to help facilitate their growth in a way they understand so as a result, they feel accomplished.

My teaching methodology is to start where the student currently is, regardless of skill level. Beginning with line, shape and form, all basic elements of art are taught. Painting is usually taught after drawing, to form a solid foundation on which to build and advance the student’s skills. Hands on application is used for all projects, helping students explore their interest in creative arts and discover their abilities.  


Having a passion for Art as long I can remember, I pursued an education in art and graduated with my B.A. in Fine Arts from Dallas Baptist University. I now have not only made art a passion, but a career, showing works in galleries and accepting commissioned art work. Being Classically trained, I specialize in drawing of many mediums and painting in oil and acrylic. Color theory and light is a never ending research project for me, as I strive to learn more about the arts.

"It is my hope that I can share my zeal for the arts with others. That they may find joy when doing a new work of art and take pride in the finished product. Tutoring is a way of giving my knowledge and skill to others, that they can learn and grow and find out a little about themselves along the way. "

- Christina M.


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Drawing is one of the first forms of expression a child learns to explore and a skill that grows into adulthood.  Drawing is the basic foundation for all other art forms and contributes to becoming proficient in areas such as painting, sculpting and graphic design. All can be achieved at a greater quality with drawing being the framework. 


I provide instruction in realism, illustrative, abstract, and non-representational art – a reflection of my own personal works. With versatile subjects, this allows for flexibility and a wide range of styles and mediums. I primarily teach using graphite, conté crayon, charcoal, pastel, colored pencil, etc. Whether I am teaching school-age children, tutoring a college student, or helping an adult expound upon an artistic passion, the same basic foundation is taught. Techniques include: 


  • Line drawing

  • Texture

  • Value 

  • Color

  • Shape & Form

  • Cross-hatching

  • Blending

  • Pointillism


Painting lends itself to self-expressionism that is anchored in inspiration – not bound by artistic ‘rules’. As a painting coach, I point my students in the right direction, but allow their creativity to lead the way.


I use a wide range of painting techniques, media, and tools, including:


  • Oils

  • Acrylics

  • Mixed Media

  • Poured Paint & Resin

  • Layering

  • Blending

  • Texturing


By learning painting, the

concepts of composition,

design, space, light, value,

and color theory are

achieved.There are many

facets of painting. Though it may take time to develop, it can be a great building block to one’s future. It is my hope that students can develop over time their skill and hone in on a personal style of their own.

Group Art Parties

Group Art Parties are a great way to get the creative juices flowing while enjoying the company of friends! Invite up to 10 friends to join you in creating a fun, colorful work of art.  


Group Package: All art supplies included. Creative art decor also included. Will do parties from ages 8yrs to adults. Image provided by artist with host approval. $130 per hr, 5-10 people. Classes offered in Dallas Metroplex.  Payment due in full at time of booking. Contact me to set up a Party! 


Creating Art:

  • Nourishes the soul

  • Contributes to healthy brain development

  • Enhances self-esteem through self-expression in a supportive environment

  • Promotes creative problem-solving


"Interesting and Knowledgeable"

Christina taught about colors and also introduced an advanced book on drawing. Her patience and motivating type of teaching really helps my son . He loves drawing class with Miss Christina.

— Sunila, Irving, TX

"Great Tutor. Connects Easy & Fast with Student."

Christina is great -- very talented Artist and Tutor. Our daughter still cherishes her tutorials. We hope her schedules allows her to return to tutoring at our house.


- Ken, Frisco, TX 

"Fun, Enthusiastic & Patient!"

I have had two lessons so far with Christina and I'm looking forward to the next one! She took the time to understand what I like in art, what level of knowledge or experience I had with painting, and what I felt my roadblocks were. She went through different mediums and how they were used, brushes and techniques, and many other basics to get me started.


On our second session, she suggested we 

start with one of the paintings I had shown her and use some of those techniques. In the interim, we discovered something new and different that I'll use again! I hate to rave too much or she'll be too busy to tutor me!! I'm very pleased and excited for what she can show me in the future."


- Lisa, Coppell, TX 

"Wonderful and Impactful"

Finding Christina for art lessons for my daughter has been such a blessing!  My daughter adores her and LOVES going to art. Christina is not only a talented artist, but very patient and fun with kids.  Emma has even told me she wants to be an artist when she grows up, “like Mrs. Christina.”  I think that’s the best testament to how wonderful and impactful of a teacher she is.


- Kelli, Coppell, TX

"Great teacher:
Enthusiastic, experienced
& dedicated"

Our 14- year old daughter completed her sixth drawing lesson with Christina today: she plans to continue such weekly lessons through the upcoming school year.


As an artist herself, Christina has proven to be a great teacher providing valuable insight and practical experience in different drawing techniques. Christina made sure to understand our daughter’s background and goals at day one, and designed lessons to meet such objectives.


Our daughter feels she is learning quickly under Christina’s helpful guidance and she appreciates her teacher’s constructive feedback. We find that the hands-on, kind and fun approach taken by Christina during every lesson is very motivating for the student. We have clearly noticed the technical progress realized by our daughter within such a short period. We are looking forward to many future lessons.

- JL Dallas, TX

"Skilled Art Tutor"

My son had his first tutoring session for two hours with Christina M. It went wonderfully! My son is 9 and very shy. Mrs.Christina made him feel comfortable and he enjoyed his lesson and the knowledge he gained from the lesson. He was very excited after the lesson and can't wait for his next scheduled lesson. Mrs.Christina is very professional and great with children. I am excited to see what all he learns as she is a very talented and skilled artist. I highly recommend her if your child is interested in art.

— Stacy, Flower Mound, TX


Individual student

(Minimum 1 hour, up to 2 hours)                                         $45/hr


2 students with individual teaching                                $40/hr per student

(Minimum 1 hour, up to 2 hours total time)                           

2 or more students with group teaching                        $35/hr per student

(Minimum 1 hour, up to 2 hours)                                                   

Art Party of 5-10 people                                                   $130/hr

(Minimum 1 hour, up to 2 hours)                       


Referral Program

Receive half off your next one hour tutoring session for each new client you refer.

The new client will also receive half off their first one hour tutoring session.


Monday - Friday        Saturday

9am - 7:30pm            9am-1pm


Schedule availability is flexible during the week and some weekends. Let me know what works for you and we can reserve your spot!  

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