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About Christina Mitchella


Christina Mitchella

Dallas native Christina Mitchella is an accomplished and award-winning artist specializing in impressionistic drawings and abstract oil paintings. Her life-long zeal for the arts transitioned from passion to career, leading her to pursue an education in art at Dallas Baptist University and continuing her studies at Sotheby's Institute of Arts. Christina began actively showing her works in galleries throughout the DFW area and across the state, competing in art shows and completing commissioned pieces for her growing base of followers and supporters.


Christina’s art is remarkably inspired and contemplative, spanning many different artistic mediums. She often uses the synergistic relationship between music, color and light as a muse to gain insight into her works. Whether she is creating a portrait, painting in still life, or transforming a canvas with abstract expressionism, her impeccable attention to detail and vibrant use of color breathes life into every stroke and sketch.

Christina offers art consulting to her commercial and residential clients. With an impeccable eye for space planning and design, Christina guides art collectors through the process of finding the best piece of artwork for them and their space. Artwork is curated through Christina’s deep network of relationships with galleries and artists, both local and national, or when appropriate for the client’s needs, through Christina’s own commissioned artwork. 

It is my hope that I can share my zeal for the arts with others, that they may find joy in my work of art and take with them a little piece of inspiration.

- Christina Mitchella 

A Painters Colorful Path

A Painters Colorful Path

Christina Mitchella Fine Art

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