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Oil, Acrylic & Charcoal Conté 
Everlasting Hope

Christina has been helping clients achieve their art visions for ten years. She has catered to clients who envision abstracts, landscapes, still lifes, portraits and even baby cows on a pasture (video below). Her paintings are meant to last generations and cherished by collectors and art enthusiasts alike. 


Commission artwork is a created vision for a work of art that you desire in your home or office space. It is a collaboration between you and the artist to bring your ideas to life on canvas. 

My style as an artist is inspirational and meant to bring joy to your space that is an extension of you. You may have an idea already or would like to start from scratch. Either way, I am here to walk you through the creative process to find the desired outcome of your artwork. 

If you are considering commissioning a piece, it can be a fun and collaborative experience! Feel free to browse through my gallery for a better idea on what type of artwork I do and if it fits your vision. 

Contact me to request an Information Commission Artwork Process Packet & Pricing Guide. I look forward to hearing your creative ideas!

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